WATCH: Maxine Waters Has Disturbing Meltdown In Congress, And It’s All On Camera!

The cognitive abilities of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton over the past couple of years has been a topic of concern. Now, Maxine Waters is showing further signs of cognitive dysfunction.

Hannity reported on the odd exchange at the US House of Representatives that took place Thursday. Maxine Waters threw a temper tantrum and yelled, “Reclaiming my time!” at least ten times at Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuichin. Mnuichin kept trying to get the point across during the Financial Services Committee hearing when the tantrum started.

Mnuichin explained after the first time, “Mr. Chairman, I thought when you read the rules you acknowledged that I shouldn’t be interrupted.” That didn’t stop Waters from ranting and raving again. Waters barked back, “What he failed to tell you was when you’re on my time, I can reclaim it.”

Mnuichin tried to get his point across again. For almost a minute straight, Waters yelled “Reclaiming my time,” multiple times in a row, talking right over the Secretary. She HAD to have known that this event was being recorded.

Waters displayed her arrogance. She feels as if she is entitled to do and say whatever she wants without any punishment, as you can see.

Besides the arrogance, there seems to be a question about her cognitive ability presenting in confusion. She just doesn’t understand what is taking place and is just yelling to get her way.

It seems like checks on the cognitive abilities of our elected officials should be a requirement in all areas of government, especially if you have served 40 years unchecked. It could do wonders for our country as a whole.

We know how the Left likes to ignore laws and bully people who don’t follow their ideologically bent and arbitrary rules. It is time to turn the tables around on them. Just like many First Responders, we should require regular and complete physicals–including evaluations on cognitive abilities–as a prerequisite to continuing elected service. It makes you wonder about some of our currently elected officials–particularly the ones in California.

There must be standards established for cognitive ability. We are now at a point where the words of another person can make or break our country. Some of these politicians inciting violence over the president need to “get their heads checked.”

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