WATCH: Houston Police Chief Issues Brutal Dose of “Texas Justice” On Looters

Some people are brutally heartless.

They are making a fortune out of others people misfortune.

This is happening right now in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Some people are sneaky enough to loot the homes and properties of those who were hit by the natural disaster. That’s pure robbery right there. Don’t you people have morals and common sense? But some people are saying “enough is enough” and will put an end to this scandal.

The head of the Houston police announced: “We’ve already arrested a handful of looters. We’ve made it real clear to our community we’re going to do whatever it takes to protect their homes and their businesses.” Acevedo wasn’t finished, he continued saying: “And when people come from the outside to Houston, Texas, know we’re going to be out in the city, were not going to rest as a police department or law enforcement community until people restore their lives.” Texans are nothing to play with. A lot of looters who snooped around got shot and killed by homeowners who were protecting their home and family.

Police officers in Houston worked their butt off these past couples of days. 2,000 rescue missions were completed just this past weekend. Some police officers are having a tough time sleeping after what they saw on these rescue missions. “I’ve had officers tear up with the things they’ve seen with these children in the middle of the night,” Houston’s police chief said.

Homeowners are fighting back against the thieves that are trying to steal their property. A housebreaker paid the price for snooping around. The homeowner wasn’t messing around and shot the burglar. However, the burglar was lucky and survived the encounter. But the luck ran out for another thief. Independent Journal Review reports that another thief was shot dead on the ground by the homeowner.

District Attorney Brett Ligon made a public announcement that his office would throw in jail every thief that is caught on the scene, declaring that “leniency and probation will be off the table for these offenses committed during this time.” Brett Ligon continued saying:

“We stand behind all our law-enforcement agencies and will support their decisions to shut down and immediately arrest suspected criminals during this difficult time for our community.”

Watch your head, you filthy thieves. Justice is served cold.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Christian News Alerts.

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