SHOCKING: First State-Funded Muslim School Taken Over By Gov’t After Pro-Rape Books Found

Will CNN cover that, do you think? And this isn’t the first controversy at the school…

The Al Hijrah school in Birmingham is a Muslim school accepting children ages 4-16. It was one of the first Muslim schools to get state funding in the U.K. Some disturbing information about the school has finally been revealed. The school tried to suppress the report after an inspection by the Office for Standards in Education, Ofsted.

Here is a summary of the Ofsted findings:

– The school segregated students by gender after age 5, including lessons, breaks, and school trips

– Books were found in the library that advocated husbands beating their wives as well as marital rape

– The school didn’t have basic facilities and the students would eat seated on the floor

– The government funding earmarked for purchasing tables and chairs was instead sent to Pakistan

– ‘Weak teaching’ was cited as a concern

– Bullying and a ‘chaotic’ playground

– The school’s rating was ‘inadequate’ — the lowest possible ranking

– Pupils were not ‘sufficiently safe’ as staff didn’t know what to do in medical emergencies

– A child had died from an allergic reaction

Source: Daily Mail

Why is this school still open?

Where are the feminists?

They’re segregating by gender, and the report says that it makes female students feel ‘inferior’.

Will Linda Sarsour have a statement on this one, I wonder?

The school fought to hide the findings of a government agency.

Think about that for a second.

The school was on the radar when a 9-year old boy tragically died because of an allergic reaction.

But just think — if that hadn’t happened those books that say husbands can beat their wives and demand sex would still be there corrupting young minds.

And they didn’t even provide properly for their students.

They used the government funding to send it off to Pakistan — one of the countries with a high-risk of terror that made it onto President Trump’s travel freeze.

We know that some of this backward ideology has been imported into the U.S.

ClashDaily reported on a ring of doctors performing Female Genital Mutilation on little girls in several states.

DEAR CNN: Doctor Arrested For Performing Female Genital Mutilation On Girls In AMERICA — Is THAT News?


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