MTV Awards Plays ‘F**K Donald Trump’ Song During Commercial Break, What Happens Next …

The mainstream media are not stopping to mock President Trump anyway they can.

The TV programs are losing their value by mixing it with politics.

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards was tangled with political agenda.

The artists were no longer there to actually celebrate art, instead, they came to together to mock Donald Trump. There was a song released in 2016 by rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle. The song was titled “FTD,” short for “F**K Donald Trump.”

Conservative Post published a part from the lyrics:”F**k Donald Trump
F**k Donald Trump
Yeah, n***a, f**k Donald Trump
Yeah, yeah, f**k Donald Trump

I like white folks, but I don’t like you
All the n***as in the hood wanna fight you
Surprised El Chapo ain’t tried to snipe you
Surprised the Nation of Islam ain’t tried to find you
Have a rally out in L.A., we gon’ f**k it up
Home of the Rodney King riot, we don’t give a f**k”

MTV Is A Disgrace

NSFW: MTV is teaching the next generation how to hate.

Posted by ForAmerica on Monday, August 28, 2017

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However, the host Katty Perry and many artists and celebrities were with one purpose, to mock President Trump. So during the commercials on MTV Awards, the song  “FTD” was played. MTV Awards made a huge mistake, but they knew their action will have consequences, so they played the song during commercials, and not in millions of households across the country.

Nevertheless, MTV didn’t release a statement on either topic and didn’t respond to requests for comment. There were a lot of angry commenters. They mentioned the good things that the President did, especially assisting in the disaster from the hurricane Harvey in Texas. Instead of doing a telethon to help the people who suffered or donate money, they decided to show mockery and hate to the viewers.

Scroll down and tell us what you think about this despicable thing that happened on MTV Awards show.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Conservative Post.

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