Jesse Jackson Just Condemned President Donald Trump To Hell! What do you think of his words?

There you have it, folks. President Donald Trump is not going to get into heaven. That, according to Rev. Jesse Jackson, who has continually attacked President Donald Trump. He also said that the Electoral College “must come down.”

“Trump says you must be able to speak the language of English, qualified, and have a job skill. Jesus would not qualify to come in Trump’s country, he would not qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom.”

That is a pretty hurtful thing to say about someone. No one is to judge another person other than God himself. And yet, we see this kind of thing happening all over the place.

This is a lot different than what Jackson was saying in 1998, when he said that Trump is a good man.

“I do want to express thanks to you, Donald Trump. We need your building skills [and] your gusto,” he said in 1998.

Jackson then went on the compare the Electoral College to the Confederacy. Here is what he said about that:

“We stand against the relics of a war long since the Klan ended. The Confederate flag represents some evil, represents secession and slavery and sedition and segregation. The Confederate flag must come down. The statues must come down. Electoral college must come down. We want a one person, one vote democracy.”

He seems to think that he is helping the country when he comes out with this stuff. But it shows where we are as a country as opposed to where we need to be. This is a Reverend that has come out attacking President Trump now. That takes things to a whole new level.

But he was not done there.

“The blood of Heather Heyer, like the blood of Schwerner, Goodman, Chaney, Liuzzo and many others, shows the power of non-violence. The innocent blood of one woman shook the White House, made business leaders jump off of boards, shook the Congress across lines of party, and folks speaking around the world. There’s power in the blood.”

President Trump has been dealing with this kind of hate from liberals for a long time. But he was not expecting hate from a person like Jesse Jackson.

What do you think of his words?

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