How Many Years Would Hillary Pass to The Jail ?

James Comey continues to supply the champagne at Hillary Clinton’s headquarters, after making sure she wouldn’t have to spend Election Night in a 5 by 7 jail cell. That wouldn’t be big enough to accommodate her pants suits.

Mr. Comey continues to shred what’s left of his reputation as a fearless tough guy eager to do the right thing. His diagnosis of Hillary’s character and competence stopped just short of doing anything about her breaking of the law. President Obama says Hillary would be the most qualified president since Thomas Jefferson, greater than Madison, Monroe, Lincoln, the two Roosevelts and presumably even his own magnificent self. But Mr. Comey says Hillary was nevertheless not “sophisticated” enough to know that she shouldn’t put the nation’s security secrets at the mercy of Russian and Chinese hackers.

But despite the FBI director’s imaginative special pleading to preserve Hillary’s presidential credentials, she’s stuck with the reputation she made for herself. Mr. Comey’s gift to Hillary of a “soiled bill of health,” as one clever headline writer put it, recalls the vote at a country church in the Arkansas of my youth, where the congregation had a falling out with the pastor. The preacher demanded a showdown with a vote of confidence. When the parson prevailed by a vote of 33 to 31, he declared victory: “This is a heartwarming vote of confidence that proves that the congregation is with me a hundred per cent.”

Hillary’s “vote of confidence” from Mr. Comey is more humiliation than vindication, because his bill of the particulars of her high crimes and misdemeanors is the indictment he was afraid to recommend to Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch. Mzz Lynch was free to do the right thing, of course, to bring the Clintons to heel after decades of wanton corruption and debasement of the public trust. But the age of miracles is past.

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, the chairman of the House Select Committee investigating the disgrace at Benghazi and a former federal prosecutor himself, destroyed Mr. Comey’s conclusion that because Hillary meant no

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